Nonprofit Insurance in Sacramento, CA Coverage Every Organization Needs

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Your nonprofit still needs insurance, but when money is tight which insurance coverages do you purchase?

Many nonprofits are short on financial resources which is why every purchase they make must be for the full benefit of the organization. One unexpected and significant expense could lead to a financial disaster. This is why insurance is a must–it protects your organization from life’s unexpected setbacks. Here is what you need to consider when looking at nonprofit insurance in Sacramento, CA to best shield your organization from the unforeseeable future.
Insurance Policies Every Nonprofit Needs
Property Insurance
Whether you rent or own the space your nonprofit occupies, you need to consider what your organization will lose in the event of a fire, earthquake, flood, vandalism, or similar disaster. A property insurance policy protects your nonprofit from these risks.
General Liability Insurance
Those classic slip-and-fall scenarios that get businesses into trouble can be avoided if you purchase this policy. Your nonprofit will be covered for the damages when it is ordered to pay for the injuries an individual may sustain on your organization’s property. The policy does not extend to the nonprofit’s employees, who need a separate policy to be covered.
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
When your employees get injured or fall ill on the job a workers’ compensation insurance policy will protect your business from any potential lawsuit. This insurance also covers any lost wages the employee misses due to the injury or illness.
Your nonprofit organization stands for something that you and your employees believe in. Real change is slow, and it takes people with the courage to see it all the way through. Don’t let an unexpected expense take that away from you. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services, serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding Northern California areas. We can help with all of your nonprofit business insurance needs to keep you and your organization protected.