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Insurance for the Photographer
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Insurance for the Photographer

Being a professional photographer has its risks for which you should be covered. Photography insurance is here to help you.

As a professional photographer, you’re a specialist in your field, and you deserve an insurance company that can capture insurance as well as you can capture through your lens. We understand the unique risks you face as a photographer, and that’s why we offer photographer liability insurance tailored to your particular needs.

Professional liability insurance

“The client is always right,” is a mantra in which you may roll your eyes and sigh the sigh of the century. Yet, if your services are purchased and the clients feel that you were negligent, they could end up suing you. Photography insurance will protect you from any legal claims that are made against you and your company.

Faulty Memory Card

You have been contracted to photograph a particular event, and your memory card fails and it causes you to lose all of your pictures. Your client could make a claim against you for failure to deliver on your contractual promise. Photography insurance, the lawsuit may be covered.

General Liability Insurance

As a photographer your job may require you to put your body in danger. For example, your gig may need you to enter the waters of South Africa and photograph great white sharks. General liability insurance covers you for bodily injury and related medical costs.

Equipment Damage

Photographs and video can’t be taken without the proper equipment. If your equipment is damaged, business owner insurance may cover your camera, lights, computers, and any device used to assist you in taking that perfect picture.

Ensuring your photographs and camera are protected from the environment and lawsuits is the best way to keep your services on point. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding Northern California areas, we can help with all of your business insurance needs to keep your company protected.