Interesting Facts About December Holidays

Interesting Facts about December HolidaysRemember These Fun Facts for Story Telling Time
As you prepare for your home to fill with friends, family, and relatives, you must start thinking about ways to keep everyone happy while waiting for the delicious feast to be ready. Gathered are some interesting facts about December holidays so that you can be the life of the party:

  • The Aztecs call the poinsettia a cuetlaxochitl. Joel R. Pointsett, the first U.S. envoy to Mexico, renamed the plant after himself after sending a few of the festive plants to the United States for the holidays.
  • On Christmas in 1964, Abraham Lincoln’s youngest son, Thomas, more commonly known as Tad, invited some homeless children into the White House to join them for Christmas dinner. The cooks refused to serve dinner until Tad spoke to the president about the matter. Lincoln invited the children to feast, of course.
  • Traditions come and go over the years, and studies show that spray cans of fake snow and tinsel are next to be a forgotten tradition. Aluminum trees are already a tradition of the past, ever since they were put to shame on A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Boxing Day is the equivalent of America’s Black Friday to Canada and England. In Ireland, they call it St. Stephen’s Day. No matter the name for the special day, it is known around the world as a shopping frenzy.
  • When copywriter of the Montgomery Ward Department, Robert May was assigned the task of creating a name for reindeer for a Christmas poem, Rudolph was his third pick. His first picks, Rollo and Reginald were vetoed out.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! We hope these interesting facts about December holidays get you excited for the merriest time of year! Serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding areas, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your California insurance needs.