What ISN’T Covered by General Liability Insurance

What ISN'T Covered by General Liability Insurance in Davis

General liability insurance in Davis can cover you from having to deal with liability from many incidents, but it also pays to know what isn’t covered by general liability. 

General liability financially protects you from accidents which were allegedly your fault and pays for the damage done to the other person. People who have general liability insurance make the fatal mistake of assuming. They assume that some things will be covered, when in reality, that assumption could not be further from the truth. Here are a few things you should not assume are not covered by general liability insurance in Davis.

General liability insurance does NOT cover. . .

  1. Damage to Your Vehicles – If your delivery vehicle gets into an accident, your general liability insurance will not provide coverage. You also can’t rely on your personal auto insurance, as this accident was work-related. A commercial auto insurance policy is what you need in this scenario.
  2. Damage to Your Property – While general liability covers third-party property damage, it will not cover your damaged property. In order to cover your personal property, you need property insurance.
  3. Employee Injuries – If your employees get injured or sick on the job, you can’t turn to your general liability insurance to cover their medical injuries or legal fees (if they decided to sue you). Workers’ compensation covers medical bills and court fees.
  4. Professional Mishaps – If your product or service is all wrong and your client complains and threatens to sue your business due to this error, general liability can’t cover you. Professional liability insurance is what you need.

General liability is a necessity for all business owners, but it does not cover everything. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services, serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding Northern California areas. We can help with all of your general liability insurance needs to keep you and your business protected.