Common Mistakes New IT Consultants Make

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It is no surprise that the profession of an IT consultant is a complex one, emphasizing the importance of only taking that route if you are knowledgeable and prepared. As an ever-changing industry that requires IT consultants to learn new trades and tricks on an almost yearly basis, you must be ready to be faced with a wide range of challenges. Gathered are a few of the most common mistakes new IT consultants make, which you should avoid at all costs:

  • Try to avoid giving estimates to your client, as you have not yet gained enough experience to truly know exactly how long the project will take. Underestimating the total project time can aggravate a client to the point of no return. When estimates are requested, ask a veteran IT member for advice.
  • When documenting the scope of the project, it is always better to be extensive than taking the risk of leaving out important information. Your clients are not technology experts, therefore you must be thorough so that you can ensure they are in complete understanding of the project at hand.
  • In the same way that a rookie IT consultant may underestimate the time and labor of a project, make sure to avoid underestimating hardware costs. It is important that you note that costs are subject to change to cover your grounds.
  • While you may be inclined to assume that completing service calls should be your top priority, there is no way for you to receive profits if you are not pushing out the invoices. Make sure to get your invoices sent out in a timely manner to ensure cash flow of your new operation.

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