The Financial Burden Of Not Having Life Insurance

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Understanding The Importance Of Life Insurance

While you may be inclined to push off the conversation of life insurance as long as possible, listening to one 16 year olds experience can help guide you in the right direction.

Young Jessica was living life without a worry in the world, until her father passed away after a short illness. Since her parents never planned for this unexpected illness, they did not feel the need to purchase life insurance. Since her father was a disabled veteran, they received approximately $2,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, that minimal benefit did not even cover half of the funeral expenses.

As Jessica’s mother was overwhelmed with grief after the loss of her husband, she was forced to think primarily on finances. With one daughter in college, another ready to enter college, and unpaid mortgage fees, the financial burden continued to become more and more overwhelming. After they lost their home and Jessica’s mother took on multiple jobs exceeding 40 hours a week, Jessica’s mother knew she would not let this happen to her children again, so she obtained life insurance.

After she passed away, Jessica got to experience both ends of the spectrum. While her father’s failure to obtain life insurance caused great financial harm, it acted as a lesson to her mother. Her life insurance policy allowed both children to fulfill their college dreams and live a stable lifestyle after the loss of both parents.

If you get anything out of this story, understand that this is not a conversation to put off. The importance of life insurance simply cannot be stressed enough, as the world is an unforgiving place with unexpected occurrences on a daily basis, meaning you must plan for the unforeseen.

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