More Earthquake Troubles…

You do not have coverage for earthquake damage under your Homeowner’s Insurance policy!!!
It was only 14 months ago that I was writing about the earthquake in Haiti.  New Zealand had their largest quake on record only last month, with billions in damages and many lives lost.  Which brings us to last weekend in Japan – keep those folks in your prayers!
Do I have coverage for Earthquake Insurance?
Unless you specifcally added it to your homeowner’s insurance policy, the answer is a definitive NO.  You can add it to your policy, or even buy a separate earthquake policy.  In fact, in California earthquake insurance is required to be offered to you every other year by your homeowner’s insurance carrier.
Why should I buy it?
Because you live in California.  Want to see where the faults are?  Look at the map provided by the US Geological Survey.  The maps show where faults lines are, but more impressive than that – they show the number, size and frequency of earthquakes in the Golden State.  The numbers may surprise you.
Floods often happen in areas that are not historically known to flood, and homeowners in those disasters are financially devastated when their homes are destroyed and they have no coverage.  We know we have earthquake potential in California.  An earthquake insurance policy will not prevent a quake, but it will provide a level of coverage for you if the Big One destroys your home.
Purves Insurance is located in Davis, CA and we do not like earthquakes.  Or floods.