Auto Insurance Myths, Debunked!

Do you know the truth about your Sacramento, CA auto insurance?Myths Debunked & Auto Insurance Sacramento CA

In California, all drivers are legally required to carry at least a little bit of car insurance, known as liability coverage. Because everybody has it, you might all think we know the truth about it, but quite the opposite seems to be true. In fact, there are a handful of widely circulated, widely believed ideas about car insurance that are flat out wrong!
To set the record straight, we wanted to take a moment to debunk these common Sacramento, CA auto insurance myths.
Red cars cost more to insurance.
Somehow, a common belief has grown that owners of red cars pay more for their car insurance. This myth is backed by the thought that red cars get pulled over more (perhaps their bright color draws more attention). In fact, it’s the make, model, engine size, and safety record of your vehicle paired with your driving history that determines your rates. So if you’re a speeder who drives a flashy red revved up sports car, yes, you’ll likely pay more!
Car insurance covers whatever’s in my car.
You might assume items stolen from your car would be covered by insurance, and you’d be right – if you’re carrying homeowners or renters insurance. Those policies will protect your possessions, but car insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings.
Minimum required coverage is enough.
People tend to think that the state law requires them to get liability insurance because that’s really all they need to stay safe on the road. In fact, though, liability coverage pays for damages you cause to other people. In order to protect yourself, you’ll need additional types of coverage.
Do you want to know the truth about your specific California car insurance policy? If so, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. As Sacramento and Davis, CA auto insurance experts, our agents are here to make sure you have the right coverage and are equipped with the knowledge to go with it.