Common Myths About Earthquake Insurance in Davis, CA, Debunked

Knowing the truth behind your earthquake insurance in Davis, CA can help to ensure you have the right amount of protection.

Earthquakes can hit with little or no warning at all. With all the mystery surrounding earthquakes, it can be easy to get caught up in the different myths about quakes. Make sure you know the truth behind these earthquake myths to help you find the right amount of earthquake insurance in Davis, CA.
Earthquakes only happen on the West Coast.
All 50 states are at risk of experiencing an earthquake, some areas just have a much lower risk. It is also important to keep in mind that the weather patterns have no impact on when and where earthquakes hit. Since an earthquake can strike anywhere, you should be prepared at all times.
You should stand in a doorway during an earthquake.
People have long been told to stand in a doorway to stay safe during an earthquake. However, doorways are no stronger than any other area in most buildings. Instead, you should try to crouch under a sturdy piece of furniture, such as a desk, and hold on until the shaking stops. If there is no furniture around, you should drop onto your hands and knees, and use your arms to cover your neck.
Head outside if you are inside when the ground starts shaking.
If you are inside when an earthquake hits, stay inside. Once the shaking stops, make your way outside if you can do so safely. Studies have shown that most injuries happen when people are moving around during a quake.
Earthquakes never happen multiple times in one day.
You should never assume that you are safe when the initial shaking stops. Aftershocks can occur seconds or minutes after the first earthquake, so continue holding on.
Knowing that you are protected with the right earthquake insurance in Davis, CA can help to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services for all of your earthquake coverage needs in Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding California areas.