Why Do I need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance in Sacramento, CAYou wedding is likely to be the best day in your life, but if you should have to cancel, what happens to your money? Wedding insurance in Sacramento, CA can help.

You may not want to put negative vibes on your wedding by thinking of the worst possible scenarios; life will not discriminate when it comes to giving its share of disaster to everyone. From a sudden cancellation to stolen gifts, to a damaged gown or tuxedo, wedding insurance in Sacramento, CA can help you with the unforeseen and can also afford you peace of mind before the wedding. But, what is wedding insurance and how does it work? Let’s dive into this a little further.
What Is Wedding Insurance? Wedding insurance protects the couples (or the bride’s parents’ investment) from circumstances that lie beyond their control. Let’s give a few hypotheticals: What if your limo crashes on the way to the venue? What if the groom’s tux is lost in airport baggage? What if the bride, groom, or another essential member of the wedding falls ill? What if the venue goes out of business or has to close the day before you wedding? These are all examples of things that wedding insurance can help protect. We’re not saying all or any of these things will happen, just that they could happen, and it’s better to be protected than not.
How Much Does It Cost? A basic policy that covers the loss of photos, videos, attire, presents, rings, and deposits, usually costs anywhere from $155 to $600, depending on the amount of coverage you seek.
When Do I Need to Buy Wedding Insurance? The sooner, the better! Let’s say that you place your deposit on the wedding hall six months in advance and it suddenly has to close due to a complication. You’ll be able to recoup your losses. Take note, however, that most insurance companies have limitations on how far back you can purchase their wedding coverage.
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