New Year’s Insurance Resolutions for 2017

New Year's Insurance Resolutions for 2017 - Purves & Associates | Life & Auto Insurance in Sacramento, CAThis New Year’s Eve, make resolutions you will actually keep throughout the year by updating your life and auto insurance in Sacramento, CA.

Before the clock strikes midnight, many people promise themselves that they will hit the gym and go on a diet, it’s their New Year’s resolutions. Then, with only a few months or even weeks past, the two most popular New Year’s resolutions made become the two most popular broken New Year’s resolutions because people realize that working out and dieting require real tenacity and dedication. It’s good to make ambitious resolutions, but you should also make easy resolutions to keep. Here are New Year’s insurance resolutions that you can easily keep to keep you going throughout the year and make you feel a sense of accomplishment.
Life Insurance
A new year may bring a new life. You may have gotten a child earlier in the year or you may be expecting a child for next year (either through birth or adoption). Either way, your family depends on you to make payments on things like mortgage, student loans, car payments, and other debts. If you are to pass before your time, life insurance will help your family pay these debts off. You also have to think of the future. Will your children attend college? Tuition costs keep rising and the life insurance death benefit can help pay for that.
Auto Insurance
New year. New car. Your auto insurance in Sacramento, CA will only cover you for the car you presently own because premiums and coverage are based on miles driven, and the make and model of your car. If you get a new car, your car insurance will not cover you. Make sure to update your policy if the new year brings you a new car.
A proper life and auto insurance policy would ensure their future if your passing were to come before your time. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California areas for all your insurance needs.