Running A Nonprofit? D&O Insurance Can Protect You

Nonprofit D&O Insurance Davis CAYour Davis, CA Nonprofit And D&O Insurance: An Important Connection

As a nonprofit, you rely largely on volunteers. While the majority of your volunteers are likely serving on the ground, helping your work happen each and every day, you likely have a handful that are serving in a different capacity: on your board of directors and officers. They help your organization maintain is vision and effectiveness, but can also, unfortunately, be a liability.

So you can fully safeguard your organization, here is a look at your Davis, CA nonprofit and D&O insurance.

D&O insurance, or directors and officers insurance, is designed to protect your nonprofit against a breach of duty by its directors and officers. Most D&O policies offer coverage for “wrongful acts,” or wrong decisions made. The coverage usually includes actual and alleged misstatements, negligence, errors, omissions, and breaches of duty. Be advised that employment-based claims are the most common kind brought against directors and officers, so it is important to ensure your D&O policy contains this type of coverage.
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