Does Your Non-Profit Have Coverage?

Protect all you’ve worked for with Sacramento, CA charitable organization insurance.Nonprofit Insurance Guide Sacramento CA

Your non-profit is most likely a viable asset to the community and should be protected in the best way possible. Insurance helps non-profits navigate fundamental issues and to understand the insurance risks they confront on a daily basis. With quality insurance, non-profits can continue to provide client services without unnecessarily jeopardizing their organizations.
Common Insurance Myths
It is important to remember that the possibility of being sued and the possibility of being found liable are two completely different things. You can get sued without being held liable. Check out the contrast in the most popular beliefs about non-profit insurance and the truth.
Myth No. 1: Non-profits can’t be sued because of charitable immunity. hCharitable immunity has past our time. This was a notion based upon the notice that charitable organizations and individuals should be exempt from legal liability while giving selflessly to better their communities.
Myth No. 2: State laws protect charitable organizations against the threat of lawsuits.
Today only three states (Alabama, Delaware, and Colorado) have adopted model statutes to provide liability protection to all volunteers working for charities.
Myth No. 3: The only insurance policy non-profits need to purchase is a general liability policy.
A general liability policy only covers basic exposures, such as premises and operations, even the organization’s officers may not be protected under a stand-alone general liability policy.
Daily Risks
Your non-profit may need insurance as there can be daily risks from certain activities. This can include activities in which volunteers are injured while performing assigned duties, auto accidents that volunteers are involved in, and fundraising events, especially where alcohol is involved.
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