What You Should Know About Oregon State Unemployment Insurance

Oregon State Unemployment InsuranceOregon State Unemployment Insurance is slightly different from unemployment insurance in other states.

Even though most employers are required to make payments to cover state-run unemployment insurance program costs quarterly, religious organizations are exempt. This means that even if you meet all the criteria for unemployment benefits, you will not receive any if you were working for a church or other non-profit organization, unless you are living in Oregon.
Oregon is the only state that requires all non-profits to participate in the unemployment program. Although the law does not require non-profits and religious organizations to provide unemployment benefits, they still have the opportunity to. There are many insurance agencies that specialize in unemployment insurance for nonprofit organizations.
Churches and non-profits also have the option to set aside funds or severance packages that are based on employees’ longevity and salary. These packages can help to make up for the lack of government benefits that are not available to them. Non-profits and churches should also consider providing employment transition and career planning assistance to help any employees who were laid-off return to the workforce.
Many managers have reported that the worst part of their job is having to let employees go. Taking the time to prepare for that situation can help to give employers the peace of mind that they need.
Finding the right unemployment insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. Working with the right independent insurance agent can help to ensure you invest in the coverage that meets your specific needs. For all of your Oregon state unemployment insurance, contact the independent insurance professionals at Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis, California.