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Congratulations on buying your new home! Purves Insurance has been Lyon Real Estate’s trusted Insurance Partner since 2001. In those years we have helped hundreds of home buyers close escrow on time, with the right Homeowner’s coverage. Our motto is “the right coverage at themost competitive price” We deliver on that promise by evaluating every home on its unique features and the actual cost to rebuild it. We have witnessed enough claims over the years to know that what we sell is the protection of your largest asset, so when a new client trusts us to insure their home we treat it the way we would treat our own home. And while we believe in the value that we bring to our coverage analysis, we also know that buyers need to get the best price possible. Once we know how much coverage you need, we shop it with all of our A-rated carriers to find you the best price. We can bundle Home + Auto insurance to provide maximum discounts, and have special discounts for professionals, teachers, Government employees, college grads, seniors – the list goes on. Anyone can give you a quote in 10 seconds, but we pride ourselves on doing it right. So fill out our contact form or call us today!




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