Tips For Framing Success As A Photographer

Your Guide To Finding Success In The Photography Industry
With the rise of availability and affordability of quality cameras and the decrease of traditional photography jobs like photojournalism, the future for photographers can seem uncertain. That does not mean, however, that it will be impossible to make a living capturing meaningful images. To help aspiring photographers on the path to success, we would like to offer these tips.

  • Get Started: You can start freelancing photography jobs even while you work another job full time. Getting started in this way can help ease the transition from working a more traditional job to working as a photographer full-time, and can help you build up your client base before you need to rely on it as your sole source of income.
  • Save Up: Even if you have a solid book of business before leaving your job, be prepared for your photography income to be sparser than your steady paychecks. To ensure this does not lead to stress, save up at least a few months of living expenses before you quit your day job.
  • Learn Wisely: While photography school can teach you all you need to know, it can also leave you in tons of debt. Instead, consider apprenticing or interning for an established photographer. You will not only learn the latest technology, but you will also gather real world, on-the-job experience when working with someone who has foundations in the industry.

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