Do I Really Need Photographers Insurance?

Photographers Insurance Davis CAThe Importance of Photographers Insurance
In the midst of the holiday season, your phone is probably ringing off the hook with people looking to book last minute appointments. As a photographer, you have the ability to capture the most precious moments of peoples’ lives. Unfortunately, capturing holiday weddings and holiday family portraits comes with liability concerns.
While you may think that there is no harm in using your photography skills to capture the holidays for many, if you do not have the proper insurance, this can prove to be an extremely consequential move on your part. What happens if you lose the memory card holding all of the 500 photographs you took at a local winter wedding? Since you hold the key to the memories of many, you will be held liable for anything that goes wrong.
Whether you own a studio or work on the road, every photographer must have an errors and omissions insurance policy. Failure to obtain this vital form of security can result in an errors and omissions lawsuit, which can turn into financial ruin of your biggest investment and favorite hobby. Errors and omissions insurance will provide you with protection against claims stating that your work contains errors, low quality production, or oversights.
In order to keep risks of a lawsuit to a low, you will want to keep these important tips in mind:

  • Organization is key when it comes to ensuring your products can be granted as promised. Make sure to keep your equipment away from hazardous areas to avoid any unpleasant incidents.
  • Make sure to be honest with your clients. This means being up front about the reality of their expectations from the get go as to not give any wrong impressions.
  • Most importantly, make sure to document everything. This means providing each client with a detailed document of what type of shots you will be taking, with whom, and when. This will ensure that no complaints arise after the job is complete.

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