Do Photographers Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Do Photographers Need Professional Liability Insurance?Professional photographers imprint significant events into tangible memories, so it’s important they have insurance if everything doesn’t go according to plan.

People love to take pictures because it’s a way for them to capture memories, moments, tell stories, and communicate with others. If you are hired as a professional photographer, people are counting on you to capture everything, and you can quickly turn from the unsung hero to the irresponsible villain if things don’t go according to plan. If you are a professional photographer, here are a few reasons you may need professional liability insurance.
Imagine a soon-to-be bride has hired you, and you’ve accidentally scheduled the wedding for the wrong date, and you are not available for the day of the wedding. The couple now has to find a new photographer at the last minute which may be costly. A source where most couples find the money for this new photographer is by suing you. This is just one example of why you need professional liability insurance.
Here are a number of other scenarios that could cause you regret by not acquiring professional liability insurance.

  • The photographer arrives at the wrong venue with no time to spare and has to correct for the error.
  • If someone trips and injures themselves on one of your light stands or tripod, you’ll be the one liable.
  • If, after the event, your SD card is damaged and you can’t recover the photographs, you can be sure an angry bride will sue you.
  • Lost images or images released to the incorrect party.

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