Preparing Your Home For Fall

A quick and easy guide to preparing your home for the fall season.Preparing your Home for Fall

Although the recent heat wave in California would suggest otherwise, we have, in fact, headed into the fall season. Just because we haven’t seen the mercury drop doesn’t mean it won’t, and when it does it will likely bring with it more intense weather conditions than we’ve recently seen.
Is your home ready for the fall season and the major El Niño experts are predicting it will bring? Preparing your home for fall becomes much easier with these handy tips for homeowners!

  • Clean Your Gutters: It might seem like a basic tip, but all too many people skip the hassle of getting up on a ladder and cleaning out their gutters. The problem, though, is that with the heavy rainfall El Niño is projected to bring our way, a clogged gutter can create a big issue for your home. De-gunk gutter and downspouts to make it easy for your home to clear off water.
  • Check Your Trim: Grab a flathead screwdriver and use it to check the sturdiness of any wood trim around your doors, windows, and on your deck and its railings. If there are holes, use your caulking gun to fill them. If the wood itself is compromised, this is the time to replace it.
  • Cut Down Landscaping: Trim dying or sagging tree limbs, especially those that overhang your home. Dig out dead annuals and mulch around perennials to protect their roots from the colder temperatures.

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