Protecting Your Home When On Vacation

Protecting your Home when on VacationHeading On Vacation? Protecting Your Home 101

Over the summer, you finally have the chance to gather up your whole family and head out on a long-awaited summer vacation. This getaway gives you the chance to get some quality time together, explore a new location, and get away from the stresses of your daily life. That is, unless you are worried about your homes safety while it is vacant.

So you do not have to stress about your house during your trip, here is a quick guide to protecting your home when on vacation.

  • Install A Security System: A security system is key to preventing burglary; it will quickly bring the authorities to your home if someone attempts to break in. If installing this system before you leave does not work with your timetable or budget before you go, putting up a security company’s sign in your window will at least make thieves think twice before trying to break in.
  • Make It Look Inhabited: Thieves will be on the lookout for houses that seem vacant; they are easier targets. Make your home look inhabited by placing a light on a timer in a prominent window. Also, ensure that mail does not pile up on your doorstep. Either put a stop on your mail at the post office or ask a friend to pick it up while you are away.
  • Update Your Inventory: So that you can quickly identify any missing items should a thief get in, make sure your home inventory is updated before you leave for your trip.

You deserve to be able to get much-needed rest and relaxation on your summer vacation. To get the homeowners insurance policy you need to enjoy your time away stress-free, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. We are experts at helping families keep their homes in Sacramento, Davis, and the surrounding California area safe.