Protecting Yourself From The Sun's Rays

Protecting Yourself from the Sun's RaysStay Cool With This Guide To Protecting Yourself From The Sun’s Rays

The summer sun is welcome. It brings warmer temperatures and longer days, creating more opportunities for you to enjoy sunny days and warm evenings with your friends and family. As you enjoy the weather, it is important that you protect your skin against the damages the sun can wreak.

To help you enjoy your summer without harming your skin, here is a guide to protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.

  • Date Check: Before you use any sunscreens this summer, check the expiration date on the bottle before you rely on it to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you have had the bottle for a couple of summers, it might be time to toss it.
  • Get Glasses: UV rays are harmful for your eyes, too. Carry sunglasses with you to protect your eyes against the harsh sun.
  • Apply The Right Way: Put sunscreen on before you think you need it to offer the best sun protection. Reapply it every couple of hours or, if you are swimming or sweating, more often. Make sure you get the sensitive skin at the tops of your ears and around your hairline, including your part.
  • Cover Up: Use clothing and hats to protect your skin if you are going to be out in the sun for more than an hour or two. A wide-brimmed hat can help protect the fragile skin of your face.
  • Read The Labels: If you are using medications like diuretics or tetracycline, know that your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight. Read your medication labels to know your risk.

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