Questions to Ask About Equipment Insurance

Questions to Ask About Equipment InsuranceWhether you’re a photographer, DJ, cleaner, or any person with professional equipment, you need equipment insurance in Sacramento, CA to cover the costs of repair or replacement. 

If you are someone that carries around professional equipment, then you know that that stuff you carry around isn’t exactly on the cheap end of the cost spectrum. While your homeowners insurance does cover certain equipment that you own, it will not cover your gear if it is used professionally (i.e. you use this equipment to support yourself). This kind of insurance also covers liability issues that could arise if someone hurts themselves on your equipment. Here are some commonly asked questioned regarding equipment insurance that could help you determine if you need equipment insurance in Sacramento, CA.
Who owns the equipment? 
Do you borrow the equipment from others? Do you loan your equipment? Keep an eye out, as most equipment policies will only cover equipment that you own, borrow, or lease from others, and may not cover your equipment that borrowed by others.
What can you insure on your equipment policy?
Some insurance policies are very specific and detailed as to what can be covered by equipment insurance. Many policies do not protect what is considered a vehicle under policy terms–so it’s best to make sure before adding any large equipment to your inventory.
How is the equipment valued on your policy?
Many policies will only grant replacement coverage on equipment that is five years old or less, so it’s smart to review your policy annually to see if equipment has aged away from coverage.
When it comes to finding the right photographers insurance in Sacramento, CA, contact the experts at Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Sacramento, Davis, and surrounding Northern California areas, we will work with you to ensure you can get the right amount of coverage for your specific needs, all at the right price to fit your budget.