Quotation Frustration

If you watched the baseball playoffs this October, you couldn’t help but notice that insurance companies dominated the advertising space.  It was like the insurance carriers were trying to become the 4th American thing, “Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie and Insurance Commercials”.   I’m in the insurance business, and even I was sick of insurance by the end of the playoffs.  And that was just baseball.  Carriers sponsor your morning drive radio show, every other billboard on the freeway, banner ads on every news website and they virtually fistfight in the paid space in Google.  But that’s just the advertising…  Then you call and get a quote…
 Why are insurance quotes so different?
Not the price, the quotes – we’ll get to price in a minute.  If you think the advertising is maddening, try shopping.  You’d never know it, but all insurance agents are licensed by the same CA Dept. of Insurance, and take the same ethics courses, etc, but for every insurance company you call you will get a different coverage package.  What is “full coverage”?  Ask 5 agents and you’ll get 5 answers.  How much coverage should I have in my house? Again, ask 5 agents…
For auto insurance, frankly, there just isn’t a consensus on what “full coverage” means.  In our agency, it means at least 100/300/100 coverage, plus comprehensive coverage.  Towing and Rental Car coverage – maybe. 
 For your property, what is the right amount of coverage?  Why are different carriers offering different amounts of coverage?  Again, in our office the right amount of coverage is what it will take to replace your home in a total loss, pay for your additional expenses and contents and protect you in case of a personal liability suit. 
 Get the best price
The best price is somewhat relative.  If you ask Flo on TV, you can name your price.  But are you actually covered?  What to do?  The value of an Independent Insurance agent cannot be overstated.  If you call AllStateFarmersGEICO, you get a quote with that ONE company.  So not only do you have to call multiple carriers for multiple quotes, you will see multiple options for coverage.  An Independent Agent, on the other hand, has many carriers and quotes them all.  An Independent Agent will evaluate your coverage needs first, and then shop the coverage between the many carriers that they represent. 
 With an Independent Agent you get one agent, not bound to any one carrier, responsible to you for the correct amount of coverage, and the best quote from many different carriers.  In one phone call, not 5.  For more information about receiving multiple, competitive quotes with the right amount of coverage, call us today at (800) 681-2025.  And then turn off the sound during the commercials.
Purves Insurance is located in Davis, CA, and beats AllStateFarmers every day of the week.