Rented Equipment & Event Insurance 101

Rented Equipment & Event Insurance Davis CAWhat Your Need To Know About Your Davis, CA Rented Equipment & Event Insurance

Planning an event is a major undertaking. To bring it all together, you will likely need to rent lighting, tables, chairs, generators, portable bathrooms or other equipment to help you make the event possible without having to purchase a bunch of items you will only need one time. When you rent equipment for your event, you bring yourself a risk, though.

To help you understand your responsibility with these items, here are a few things you should know about your Davis, CA rented equipment and event insurance.

  • Read Your Contract: Most likely, your rental equipment contract will specify that the responsibility for any damages or loss of equipment is yours as the renter. While your rental house may have insurance coverage they can offer you to cover this risk, it is important you read your contract carefully to understand your responsibilities.
  • Get Covered: If your rental house offers insurance coverage, getting the protection you need for your responsibility is easy. If they do not, you should consider working with an event insurer to safeguard your rental equipment and your event.
  • Train Your Staff: The likelihood of you having to replace or repair equipment significantly diminishes if your staff has been properly trained on use of each piece of equipment. Also, make sure you have staff supervising or, at the very least, regularly checking up on the equipment.

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