Rethink Your Stance on Earthquake Insurance in Sacramento, CA

Living in California is a rather risky thing, especially when you are not covered by earthquake insurance in Sacramento, CA.

Only 17 percent of Californian homeowners have their homes covered by earthquake insurance. Are the other 83 percent of Californians in denial or are they making a financially rational decision? Unless you’ve experienced a big earthquake firsthand, then your first instinct might be to forgo this expense and just take the risk. After all, there are an estimated 20,000 earthquakes around the world, and the majority of them are only detected by the most sensitive of seismometers. It’s the one or two that you have to worry about, and you usually think it won’t happen to you (also known as denial).
You may also think that your homeowners insurance policy covers damages incurred by earthquakes. This is not the case. While most earthquakes you experience will likely not cause any damage, big earthquakes are not a matter of “if,” they’re a matter of “when” – especially when you live on the west coast. The west coast is part of the Ring of Fire: the most active earthquake zone on the planet. It goes from the tip of South America to Alaska, down East Asia to Australia. A truly gigantic zone.
When the next big earthquake hits, it’s going to be crucial that you be covered so that you can, in some way, recover home and possessions. Otherwise, you may have to rely on the state-run earthquake insurance coverage, which has a very high deductible meaning you’ll have to pay a significant amount out-of-pocket before you see any insurance money. And it may not be enough, depending on the extent of the damage.
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