Will a Safety Recall Affect My Auto Insurance?

Sacramento Auto Insurance and Car Recalls

There is something about the word recall that automatically puts us in panic mode. Whenever car recalls are enforced, you know something has been improperly made, to the point where your safety is at risk. However, when these recalls are put in place, decisions have been made to remediate the situation. While bringing your car into the shop to make sure you are in the clear is a top priority, considering the insurance implications about the recall is also an important factor.

When your auto insurance carrier determined your premium amount, they were calculating a variety of influences, including safety. When a safety recall has been issued on your vehicle, this may mean the safety factor of your car has changed. However, your insurance company understands that this is not your wrongdoing. If the feature that was recalled causes an accident or damage, many insurance companies will actually hold the car manufacturer liable for reimbursing you for the damages.

Additionally, many safety recalls that have their spotlight in the media will end up decreasing the value of your car, therefore, costing less to insure because it will be less expensive to replace. However, if you do not adhere to the recall notice in a timely fashion, you can be held liable for any damages incurred.

Therefore, if you receive a recall notice in the mail, do not panic. Simply gather all necessary documentation and head over to the dealership or repair shop listed to ensure safety and receive the reimbursement you deserve.

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