The Importance of Insuring Your Wedding Day

Sacramento County Wedding InsuranceHow long have you been planning for your wedding day? Months? Years? The amount you spend planning for the most spectacular day of your life runs about the same you would spend on the average car. You insure your car, why would you not insure your wedding? In order to receive peace of mind knowing your wedding day will be memorable for the right reasons, you need a comprehensive wedding insurance policy. A wedding insurance policy allows you to enjoy your day without a worry in the world.
Wedding Insurance Covers:

  • Venue – Some venues require insurance through their insurance company upon rental, where as some venues leave wedding insurance up to you. A wedding insurance policy will provide you with coverage in the event that you are forced to cancel your wedding. This may be because of a damaging fire or power outage.
  • Weather – Imagine if a flood makes it so that the majority of your guests are unable to attend.  In the event that weather conditions prevent a vital person of the wedding from arriving to the venue, your wedding insurance policy will kick in.
  • Vendor Cancellation – In the event that someone who is essential to the wedding cannot show, your policy will cover the necessary cancellation. Vital people include the caterer, the officiate, the ceremony flowers, etc.
  • Sickness/Injury – Imagine if the bride and groom come down with food poisoning from their rehearsal dinner meal? Your policy will cover the cancellation!
  • Military Duty – If someone vital to the wedding is shipped out for military duty, your wedding insurance policy will cover the postponement.

Wedding Insurance DOES NOT Cover:

  • Cold Feet

Contact the insurance experts at Purves & Associates Insurance Agency for all of your California event insurance needs. Located in Davis, California, we want to provide the best day of your life with guaranteed protection. Allow to ease your worries so you can enjoy your wedding day!