Are Fallen Trees Covered Under My Home Insurance Policy?

Sacramento Homeowners Insurance and Fallen Trees
As a homeowner, confidence in your security is imperative. In order to receive this peace of mind, you must understand your homeowners’ insurance policy in its entirety. Many homeowners have no idea whether fallen trees are covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy or not. However, our neighborhoods’ tall trees make this an extremely relevant concern for many.
In most cases, you will not experience difficulty filing a claim for fallen trees under your homeowners’ insurance policy. Typically, insurance companies will not be too concerned with the logistics surrounding the incident, as long as the tree fell as a result of wind, hail, or lightning. Additionally, most insurance companies will not care if you own the tree or not, only if it landed on your home. If the tree is clearly owned by your neighbor, they may initiate a process called subrogation, which involves requesting reimbursement from your neighbor’s insurance company for the incident. This typically occurs if the homeowner failed to properly maintain their tree. If this claim is ruled in your favor, your paid deductible will likely be returned to you.
Through your homeowners’ insurance policy, you will receive coverage for removing the tree from any insured structures. This amount will range from $500 to $1,000, depending on your particular policy. However, if the tree lands on an uninsured structure, you will not receive this coverage unless the tree is blocking a driveway or handicap ramp.
In order to receive ultimate peace of mind that your home would be protected if a tree fell, you must confirm coverage with your homeowners’ insurance carrier.
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