Common Auto Insurance Dilemmas To Understand

auto insurance sacramento caEnsuring Safety On The California Roads
As a California motorist, you are required to hold the minimum required liability auto insurance. Since accidents are always a possibility, this ensures that everyone on the road is covered. However, there are a few loopholes and unique problem areas that must be addressed. We want you to always feel confident in your protection on the roads, which is why we have gathered all the must-know information regarding these unique dilemmas many motorists are faced with:

  • Although law requires auto insurance, there are still an overwhelming number of individuals who fail to seek the proper coverage. Whether you are involved in an accident with someone who does not have enough coverage or failed to obtain coverage altogether, the situation is less than pleasant. To combat the overwhelming numbers of those who are uninsured and underinsured, simply add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to your auto insurance policy. This will allow you to always feel at ease and confident about your security on the California roads.
  • Whether you have handed over the keys to your ride because you are sharing the road on a road trip or because your friend is providing you with a safe and sober ride home, it is important that you know whether or not these additional drivers will be covered on your policy if they are involved in an accident. In most cases, the damages will be covered, and any remaining dues will be subjected to the additional driver’s auto insurance policy. Simply put, the rule stands that the additional driver will receive coverage, as long as you have given them permission to drive your car.

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