Safety BBQ Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

When summer rolls around, many of us will fire the ol’ BBQ grill and have a fun cookout, but what are the safety risks associated with BBQ-ing?

Nothing is quite as summery as lighting up the grill and having a fun cookout with friends and family under the warm kiss of a summer’s sun with the occasional cool breeze, with a cold one in hand to keep you refreshed. But BBQ-ing is not as innocent as it appears because of the fire risk associated with it. Every year, 7,000 Americans are injured while using their grill. If you want to keep you and your home safe from the dangers of the grill, take these safety BBQ tips into consideration.
Keep the Grill Ten Feet Away From Your House – The farther the better. An updraft can carry the flame and cause real damage to your home. This distance includes sections of your house like garages, underneath wooden overhangs, porches, and other such structures.
Clean Grill Regularly – The oils and grease secreted during the cooking process can stick to the grill and drip into the fire. Grease and oil are another source of fuel for the fire and are major sources of flare-ups.
Never Overload Your Grill With Food – This especially applies to the fatty meats. If too much fat drips into the flame all at once, it can cause a flare up and injure you and light nearby things on fire.
Don’t Use a Grill Indoors – You’d think this is obvious, but people never cease to surprise. Aside from the obvious fire hazard, fires produce carbon monoxide, a fatal gaseous byproduct that is both invisible and odorless.
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