Safety Tips For Driving In School Zones

Safety Tips for Driving in School ZonesProtect the precious cargo on the road this school year with these driving safety tips.      

Somehow, we all blinked and the summer is over! While we may still have some weeks of warm weather ahead, the season is definitely coming to a close for school-aged kids as they’re all getting ready to head back to school. The first bell of the school year should bring some changes for you, too, at least on the road. Here is a quick guide to safety tips for driving in school zones.

  • Obey The Law: This might seem like a no-brainer, but it can actually be a big complicated near school zones. For example, some speed limits will change during certain hours of the day. Carefully read all the signage and, when unsure, drive slowly and carefully through a school zone.
  • Call Ahead: Driving near school can get pretty hectic at the start of the day and when class lets out. By calling the school in advance to ask about pick-up and drop-off protocol, you can easily fit in with the existing flow of traffic, ensuring you never create a problem.
  • Stop: When you see a bus out on the road, it’s always a good idea to drive carefully near it. When it is stopped and has its red, flashing overhead lights on, you need to come to a complete stop and wait until those lights turn off. They mean that the bus is loading or unloading passengers, and you are legally required to wait until the passengers are safely at their destination before driving again.

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