Single Story Home? The Homeowners Insurance You Need

Single Story Home & Homeowners Insurance Sacramento CASacramento, CA Homeowners Insurance For The Single Story Home

As we become increasingly concerned about our environmental impact, many people today are working to minimize their waste. In an effort to do that, some people are skipping on buying the traditional, pre-built house and instead investing in building their own tiny homes (a la Tiny House Builders and Tiny House Nation). While these compact houses generally make their owners’ lives easier, insuring them can be a bit of a headache.

To help, here is a quick guide to single story home & homeowners insurance in Sacramento, CA.

  • Construction: When building your tiny home, make sure all of the construction work is completed or approved by a professional who is both licensed and insured. You will likely still need to have an electrical inspection so that you can get your home insured, but this will set you on the right path.
  • Towing: If your tiny home can go mobile, make sure you do not tow it without getting the coverage you need for the trip. Check your towing component of your auto insurance coverage to ensure you are fully protected.
  • Guidance: Tiny home insurance is very different from standard homeowners insurance. Consequently, talking with an insurance expert who can guide you will ensure that you end up with the right coverage at the right price. Connect with an insurance agent who is knowledgeable about tiny home insurance to get your policy.

Are you working with a dedicated team of insurance professionals who can ensure that you get the homeowners insurance you need for your small home? To get that level of service, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services today. Serving Sacramento, Davis, and all of California, we are here to make insuring a small home as efficient as your house itself!