Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness During October!

Supporting Breast Cancer AwarenessThe NFL has brought out their pink cleats and the research walks have begun, which means it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! During the month of October, dozens of reputable organizations go above and beyond to spread awareness for breast cancer. During this time, awareness and fundraising are key. In order to become more aware about breast cancer, you must do some research and educate yourself. Gathered are some easy ways in which you can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  • Education is key! Most of the population did not know that both men and women are susceptible to getting breast cancer. Therefore, both males and females should conduct monthly self-exams. Knowing your body and listening to it when it suggests that something is wrong is the best preventative measure. Detecting a lump as soon as it begins to form can mean the difference between a conquerable cancer and an out of control cancer.
  • When you participate in a Breast Cancer Research Walk, you not only get some exercise in, but you also raise funds and awareness for the great cause! If you do not want to participate in the research walk, volunteer to pass out waters and flyers at the event!
  • Throw a pink bake sale and invite all of your friends and neighbors to participate. Pink cookies, pink muffins, pink candies, and pink lemonade can be your in to educating others. Once they start indulging in all the pink treats, invite them to learn more about breast cancer and the Pink October movement. It is a good idea to pass out the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon at your pink bake sale.

We support October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Pink October Movement! Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services in Davis for all of your California insurance needs. We promise to always go above and beyond to protect every realm of your life.