Homeowners Insurance Tip for First Time Home Buyers

As a first time home buyer, there are a variety of planning measures you must take. As you are preparing to finalize the transaction, you must consider the insurance implications. You will need a homeowners’ insurance policy in place in order for the mortgage loan to be accepted. We understand how confusing and complex this Read More

Safeguarding Your Special Day With Wedding Insurance

Whether you will be having your wedding locally or having a destination wedding, it is imperative that you safeguard your special day with wedding insurance. If you will be having a destination wedding, there is no question about whether or not to obtain this vital insurance policy. Wedding insurance ranges in price, with the least Read More

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness During October!

The NFL has brought out their pink cleats and the research walks have begun, which means it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! During the month of October, dozens of reputable organizations go above and beyond to spread awareness for breast cancer. During this time, awareness and fundraising are key. In order to become more aware Read More

How a personalized IT consultant insurance policy will keep you covered

As an IT consultant, you are exposed to unique risks and vulnerabilities. In order to protect your assets, you must have a comprehensive IT consultant insurance policy that is personalized to meet your exclusive needs as an IT consultant. There are a variety of coverage options you must consider, including: Professional Liability IT Consultant Insurance: This Read More

Do I have Earthquake Insurance?

No, you don’t. Ok, more accurately, unless you specifically remember buying it, you didn’t buy it. There are 2 big exclusions on a Homeowner’s policy that people worry about and wish they had, but typically don’t buy due to price.  Those two coverages: earthquake and flood.  Earthquake is a coverage that can be added to Read More