National Barbecue Month Recipe: Baby Back Ribs

As if we need an excuse to enjoy a delicious stack of baby back ribs! Now we finally have an entire month dedicated to the great art of barbecuing. Baby back ribs are tender, and with this recipe the meat will basically fall off the bone! Generally, when people think of delicious baby back ribs Read More

Wedding Insurance 101: Protection for Your Wedding

What is wedding insurance, and what would it cover should you ever need to file a claim for some reason? Though you may not enjoy thinking about it, disasters can strike at any time—including the day of your wedding. One must remember that Mother Nature doesn’t stop for anything nor does she stop for anyone. Read More

3 Things to Look for When Hiring IT Consultants in Sacramento, CA

IT Consultants in Sacramento can be helpful and a great investment for your business, but you should tread carefully when hiring one. Finding the right IT consultant for your organization can be a rather lengthy and tedious process. Then, once you find the right IT consultant, you must also be able to convey the needs Read More

You Need to Purchase an Insurance Policy for Your Special Events

Special events are important to you, so consider insuring them from risk! Humans have always had a sense for partying, from our humble beginnings beating drums and dancing around a fire to our present-day celebrations. Perhaps it’s your mother’s 60th birthday or your daughter’s Quiceañera. These events aren’t very common, but don’t assume that insurance for Read More

Directors & Officers Insurance in Sacramento, CA for Your Nonprofit

Directors & officers insurance in Sacramento can help you cover the board that guides your nonprofit. Directors and officers are there to help make your life easier by guiding your nonprofit towards the right business decisions. Directors and officers make decisions to help your efforts grow and succeed, but sometimes what they suggest may lead to Read More

The Business Insurance Needs of a Photographer in Sacramento

As a photographer in Sacramento, you’re hired to photograph an event. You’re being trusted to take the best photos, but can you trust your insurance? As an independent photographer, you’re a trusted professional who gets hired to photograph key events. You could be working for a media outlet or photographing a family wedding. Either way, Read More

How Can I Qualify for a Discount on My Auto Insurance in Davis, CA?

If you’re a good driver, and can prove it, you could be entitled to a discount on your auto insurance in Davis, CA. Maintaining a pure driving record will turn into more than just bragging right among your friends. It can actually shine like the Bat Signal to your insurance company and tell them that Read More

Why You Should Carry an Umbrella Insurance Policy in Davis, CA

Umbrella insurance policies may be the most important coverage you don’t have. It’s impossible to predict whether or you not you will lose a lawsuit that resulted from a car accident or an accident on your property. It’s also not possible to predict that amount of damages that might be awarded to the winning party, Read More