Is Technology Changing Workers’ Compensation in Sacramento?

Is Technology Changing Workers' Compensation in Sacramento?

Workers’ compensation in Sacramento and all over the nation is seeing changes brought on by modern technology. 

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This rapid advance allows for technology to seep into the areas that would have been impossible even just a few short years ago. One of these areas that is changing because of technology is workers’ compensation in Sacramento. Here are a few ways that technology is changing workers’ compensation.

  • Communications with employees. Information that is critical to prevent injuries and claim updates can be relayed through smartphone applications.
  • In managing claims. Creating customizable email and text alerts to injured employees, like notifications when prescriptions are ready.
  • In sharing workforce training. Through an employer’s network or through smartphone applications.
  • Delivering care to injured workers. Through the same smartphone apps, we can send employees information about which medical providers are near them.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can monitor an employee’s movements and alert coworkers of danger, as well as things like body temperature, blood pressure, and repetitive motion. The information that is collected can be used in fraud prevention, wellness programs, and in training.

Organized Claims Process

Technology can improve its incident reporting rate. Your company can add automated forms and connect employee data so that the forms are partially filled. Additionally, you can streamline the process and remove confusion for employees on whom to report to.

Improved Safety Gear

High-tech vests that vibrate to alert employees and gather vital information regarding the health of the employee and helmets that have lights and cameras can increase the safety and ease the claims process should there be an accident.
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