Term Life Insurance. Made. Easy.

I have come to believe that almost everyone who is thinking about Life Insurance starts at Google. From Google they quickly move to a website where they plug in the fewest data points possible (age, gender, amount of insurance, term) and get a quote.  Next, back to Google. Repeat.  Next, get distracted by anything on the web more interesting that Life Insurance and drift away to sports, celebrity gossip, cat videos, etc.
I’ve started a series of posts with tips for buying Term Life Insurance on this blog, but the #1 tip to remember when shopping online is that you always get the teaser rates online.  Very few people actually qualify for those rates, but the websites that generate traffic stay in business by showing the best and hoping that it works out in the end.
Out of respect for your intelligence and your time, we have partnered with Banner Life to bring you Quotes Done Right.  Chances are good that if you have searched for Life Insurance rates online you’ve seen Banner, and usually in the top 1-2 for price. So take confidence in their competitiveness and check out Quotes Done Right. Take your sweet time playing with the questions until you are satisfied, and when you’re comfortable that the rates and coverage are right – submit a ticket and get the policy.  It’s a brave new world, and this new platform will let you build the perfect Term Life Insurance policy for your needs and at your pace.