The candle that saved Christmas

Each year during the holiday season an average of 400 lives are lost and almost $1B in damages occur due to home fires, according to the US Fire Adminstration.  And every year I’m surprised that someone out there put real candles in their Christmas tree…  The most common causes of holiday house fires? Leaving trees lit for too long and left unattended; disposing of trees, wreaths and wrapping paper in the fireplace; and candles, candles, candles.
I’d like to think that we’re all smart enough to not put a live candle in a pine wreath, but hey, it looks so pretty with the pine cones and ribbon, right?  Here’s the way to do it: LED candles.  Just Google “battery candles” or “LED candles” and you’ll see a list of websites anxious to sell you every variety of candle, all battery operated.  You still need to be wise about it – yes, battery operated candles get warm, too.  But this one little tip may the thing that saves your holiday, not to mention your home.
And in case you’re wondering, yes, your homeowner’s insurance will cover a home fire even if you put candles in your tree.  But please don’t do that!
Purves Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency located in Davis, CA, and a strong advocate of not putting candles in trees.