What a Ticket Can Do to Your Auto Insurance in Sacramento, CA

One infraction may not seem like a big a deal to you, but it can put quite the dent on your auto insurance in Sacramento, CA

Other than forgetting to wear a seat belt, there is no such thing as a minor infraction. Anything else for which you get pulled over for might increase your auto insurance premium by at least 20 percent, which is quite the bummer. It is, however, worth noting that the price of auto insurance has remained relatively flat as opposed to other expenditures that we have gotten used to. Auto insurance has risen by approximately 10 percent since the last decade, whereas things like housing costs have gone up by 29 percent, food costs by 21 percent, and health care premiums by an outlandish 52 percent!
Auto insurance in Sacramento, CA may not be as expensive as other things, but that also doesn’t mean it’s pocket change. This goes double if you are to receive a traffic violation; insurance companies use statistics to determine the risk you pose to insure, which then dictates your monthly premiums. Clean driving record? Statistically, clean driving records are associated with good, aware drivers that will likely not drive recklessly. Thus, a low premium is awarded. The opposite is true for high-risk drivers as they are often associated with reckless driving, and are more of a liability to the insurance company. Ergo, the higher premium you will receive.
It pays to be on the side of law and of caution when you are driving because having a clean driving record may not only keep your premium down, but it may also qualify you for further discounts that your insurance company may award you. At Purves and Associates Insurance Services, you receive the auto insurance coverage to meet your needs! Contact our team in Davis, Sacramento, and the surrounding California are to get started.