Tips For A Safe Tailgating Season

Score with safety this tailgating season by using these tips.Tips for a Safe Tailgating Season

Football season is upon us, bringing with it the sights, sounds, and of course flavors of watching a great game with your friends. Tailgating is one of the best ways to celebrate your team and get pumped up for the big game, plus it fills your Sunday afternoon with excitement that extends well beyond the game’s play clock.
You don’t want to have anything compromise your tailgating fun. To help, here are a few tips for a safe tailgating season.

  • Defensively Coordinate Grilling: No, we’re not just talking about setting a good lineup for your grill. Make sure before you fire yours up that it’s positioned far away from your car. Clean your grill grates beforehand to make sure you don’t face an unexpected parking lot flare-up.
  • Tighten Up Throws: It’s fun to play a pick-up game and toss around the pigskin, but make sure you keep it small. You don’t want to throw the Hail Mary pass that goes wide and slams someone in the head.
  • Make A Plan For Running Back Home: If you’re going to be drinking at the game, one of the best safety tips we can give is to designate a driver. By naming a single person who can make sure everyone gets home safe, you make sure you’re not left waiting in the parking lot after the game to sober up.

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