Tips For Detailing Your Car At Home

Tips for Detailing your CarDIY Tips For Detailing Your Car

You spend a lot of time in your car. Between your commute, errands, and even just driving to dinner, your driver’s seat has probably started to feel a little bit like home. As a result, when your car is dirty, you notice. Fortunately, you can go beyond the standard hand wash and detail your car at home to get it back in great shape.

If your vehicle could use a little TLC this summer, use these tips for detailing your car.

  • The 3 D’s: The first step of car maintenance should be address the three d’s: dust, dirt, and debris. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the bulk of them in the interior of your vehicle, then use an air-spray to clear out small areas. Your vacuum’s crevice tool can also help. Vacuum the three d’s from your carpets, too.
  • See The Sparkle: So your vision on the road can be crystal clear, use a glass cleaner and a glass-specific microfiber cloth to clean all of your windows, including the often-forgotten interior of the windshield.
  • Exterior Expertise: Washing the exterior of your car may seem like the simplest part, but many people make mistakes here. Grab two buckets and fill them with water. Mix your car soap into one of them. Rinse your car with the hose, then soak a lamb’s wool mitt in the soap bucket and use straight strokes to wipe the surface of your car clean. Repeat this process in sections, rinsing each with water when clean and cleansing your mitt in the water bucket after each section. Use microfiber cloths to dry the car, then apply your spray wax and wipe until the surface is dry.

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