Turning 25? Auto Insurance Premiums Could Change!

Turning 25 and Auto Insurance Sacramento CAUnderstanding How Turning 25 And Sacramento, CA Auto Insurance Relate

Turning 25 is a marker year. At that point, you have lived a quarter of a century and have said goodbye to those transition years of your early twenties. You may be experiencing a minor quarter-life crisis if you are reaching your 25th birthday, but there could be some good news that comes with reaching this significant age.

If you are turning 25, the Sacramento, CA auto insurance premiums you are paying could change.

Generally, when you turn 25 your insurance provider will lower your premiums. Why? Because once you reach this age, you have exited the demographic of statistically risky, inexperienced drivers. Risk assessors have discovered that drivers over the age of 25 are less likely to be at-fault in accidents. You are not receiving a discount on your coverage for simply hitting another birthday, then; instead, you receive this premium reduction because you have entered a new, safer driver class.
Not every insurance provider offers a significant cost decrease at 25. Some will lower your rates as you age provided you keep a clean driving record. Even if your company does offer lower premiums to people 25+, changes in your vehicle, driving record, or driving activity could keep your premiums at the same rate or even increase them.
Most insurers will not change your premiums mid-policy. Consequently, you will likely have to wait until your next renewal period to see these benefits take effect.
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