Types of Insurance in Sacramento, CA That Protect Against Theft

Types of Insurance in Sacramento, CA to Protect Against TheftTheft is a serious offense that affects organizations of all sizes; from the smallest of home businesses to the largest of corporations. Do you have the right insurance in Sacramento, CA?

Businesses need to protect themselves from all kinds of threats. One threat in particular on the mind of all business owners is theft. Before the days of computers, there was the traditional form of theft: robbery. With technology marching forward and the source of theft expanding, business owners must be very cautious about their practices. If you want to protect your organization from these kinds of threats, you’re going to need the right kind of insurance in Sacramento, CA. Here are the types of business insurances that you need.

  1. Data Breach

If you are connected to the internet in any way, you are at risk of being hacked, which allows thieves to breach data on your computer and server systems. Even data that is stored on paper is covered if the threat doesn’t come from the web. So, if you want to be financially covered from a data breach, this insurance is something that you need.

  1. Property Insurance

If you own your office or are leasing, this insurance will cover the building, office equipment, computers, inventory, and tools. Additionally, it will cover fires, vandalism, theft, smoke damage, etc. Business Interruption Loss should also be considered if the listed threats force your business’ doors to be closed for a certain amount of time.

  1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

BOPs will include business interruption insurance, property insurance, and crime insurance. Only instead of purchasing separate policies, you can save money by combining them under one policy.
Theft is a serious concern, and it can happen to any business at any time–even during broad daylight. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Sacramento, Davis, and surrounding California areas, we will help you find the best commercial insurance coverage to meet your specific needs, all at the right price.