Umbrella Insurance

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We are often asked about “umbrellas” by people who have read that they need one, but aren’t sure what it is. Simply put, an “umbrella policy” (or more accurately, an excess liability policy) adds a layer of liability coverage over both your home and auto policies. The cost to add $1,000,000 of liability above your home & auto liability coverage is anywhere from $100-$300/year, depending on the number of homes, cars and drivers.

Who needs an Umbrella? We believe that anyone who has assets to lose in a lawsuit, such as their home, needs more liability coverage than you can buy on either your stand-alone home or auto policy. When you bundle this policy with the underlying policies it is both inexpensive and very valuable. Just think, with over $1M in coverage – how much harder do you think the insurance company is going to fight to defend you, when they have that much to lose? An umbrella is a smart insurance buy, so please let us help you put this coverage in place today.