The Value of an Independent Agent vs. a Direct Writer

The Value of an Independent Agent vs. A Direct WriterIndependent agents treat you like a part of their family, so if being treated like a human being is important to you, you may want to continue reading.

There are two main ways in which you can acquire insurance: through a direct writer–directly from companies like State Farm, All State, Farmers, etc.–or you can acquire it through an independent agent. The difference may not seem very obvious, after all, insurance is insurance right? The difference isn’t the insurance you get, it’s how you get insurance and how you’re treated after you have signed the dotted line. Below are the differences that highlight the value of an independent agent vs. a direct writer.
Independent Agent
Independent agents get paid regardless if you sign, but this doesn’t waiver their kindness because these are typically small companies that treat people like actual people. You may have to pay slightly more for their services, but this pays off when they take care of the entire claims process. Insurance can be a difficult maze and they run it for you. Insurance agents are also able to search for the cheapest insurance with multiple companies, whereas direct writers only have their insurance company’s rates to go off of.
Direct Writer
Direct writers will treat you like royalty when you first give them a call. It benefits them because they normally make their money off commission. This royal treatment may suddenly come to an abrupt halt as soon as you sign on the dotted line and you become just another customer. If you ever have to call to file a claim, a robot will greet you until you find yourself yelling at your home screaming, “Operator!!”
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