Wedding Insurance 101: Protection for Your Wedding

Wedding Insurance 101: Protection for Your WeddingWhat is wedding insurance, and what would it cover should you ever need to file a claim for some reason?

Though you may not enjoy thinking about it, disasters can strike at any time—including the day of your wedding. One must remember that Mother Nature doesn’t stop for anything nor does she stop for anyone. Your wedding is likely the biggest day in your entire life, so protecting it against any risks that pose a threat makes sense; it’s the best way to guarantee your peace of mind. But how does wedding insurance work? Wedding Insurance 101 will teach you the ways in which your wedding insurance will work should you need to file a claim.
What Is Wedding Insurance?
Wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from events that lie outside of their control, and refunds the expenses that went into this wedding. For example, what if the groom’s tux gets lost in airport baggage and he has to purchase one a day before the wedding?
When Should We Purchase it?
The sooner the better, as it is with most things. Let’s say you put your deposit 12 months prior to your wedding on the wedding reception hall and it burns to the ground the day before. You can better guarantee your refund with this wedding insurance.
What Does It Cover?
All sorts of problems like weather, issues with the site itself, vendors, key people to the wedding, sickness, or injury are the top concerns for the big day and are all out of your control. Luckily, you have a quality policy to protect you from these things!
Your wedding day should be a memory you cherish for all the right reasons, not one that makes you think of your bank account. Contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Davis, Sacramento, and surrounding Northern California areas, we can help with all of your wedding insurance needs to keep your big day protected.