How To Actually Save Money On A Wedding

Real Life Wedding Advice For Real Savings
Perhaps because weddings are one of the most special days of an individual’s life, we tend to blow them out of proportion when it comes to planning. Between wedding magazines, TV shows, and Pinterest, you may be concocting visions of a ball-esque event when your budget actually allows for a barbecue. To help you bridge that gap, we would like to offer some practical advice that can help you save money when planning your wedding.

  • Skip The DIY: Unless you were a crafty person before you got engaged, do not assume that making a lot of your wedding décor will save you big bucks. By the time you have bought replacements for that project gone awry, you will likely end up spending more if you try to take on a major DIY.
  • Give Food Favors: How many wedding favors do you still have? Likely none. Since you know your guests are not particularly likely to hang on to the favors you pass out, why not offer delicious (and more affordable) food as favors?
  • Limit Guests: Of course, married people get to bring their spouses as dates. That does not mean, however, that your college friends need to bring their new significant others to your big day, costing you X amount of dollars per head for people you do not even know. Do not be afraid to limit who you allow to bring dates, and you can save yourself big bucks on food and drink costs.

Another crucial aspect of wedding planning is ensuring that no matter what comes on the big day, you will not be left out an event and out a lot of money. To protect yourself and your spouse-to-be, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services. Serving Sacramento and Davis, we are here to meet all of your California wedding insurance needs.