Your Wedding Venue: A Look At Logistics

Understanding The Specifics Of Your Venue
Even before you got engaged, you probably had some vision for how you wanted your wedding venue to look. Whether you envisioned a chic affair at the yacht club, a celebration with character at a vintage barn, or a breezy, fun event by the beach, you know that your venue will play a big part in setting the scene for your big day.
What you may not have considered, though, are the less romantic implications of your venue. It is important for you to know before choosing a venue that your location will come with its own regulations, restrictions, and requirements. Here are a few aspects you should investigate before you book your venue.

  • Vendors: Some venues will require you to work specifically with their vendors. Look into how much freedom you will have with caterers and other vendors before booking.
  • Noise: So you do not get the unfortunate news that your dancing needs to stop at 8:00 p.m. due to noise restrictions last minute, ask your potential venues about any regulations they have around noise. Also, ask if they have sound equipment or if you will need to rent yours.
  • Costs: Ask to see a layout of every individual cost. Make sure that things like service charges, cleaning fees, and overtime charges are addressed so you can best understand the full expense of that particular location.
  • Parking: Investigate whether the venue itself provides parking, or if there will be other parking options nearby so your guests will not have to walk a long time in their often-uncomfortable event shoes to reach your venue.

After you choose your venue, it is crucial that you protect it. So that your California wedding can be safeguarded, giving you peace of mind about your big day, make sure you have the insurance coverage you need to rest easy. For all of your wedding insurance and event insurance needs in Sacramento and Davis, contact Purves & Associates Insurance Services.