The Importance Of Wedding Photographers Insurance

Wedding Photographers Insurance Davis CADo I Really Need Wedding Photographers Insurance?
As you prepare to say ‘I Do” to the love of your life, you go over your checklist three, maybe four times to make sure everything is covered. In ensuring the perfect wedding day, you have told vital members of the wedding what their responsibilities are. One individual that is given almost as much responsibility as those involved in the actual wedding ceremony is the wedding photographer. You have hired a wedding photographer or a team of wedding photographers to capture the most special day of your life.
With the job title of a wedding photographer, you are given a great deal of responsibility in ensuring the entire wedding is captured with images you can refer to for the rest of your lives together. However, what if things go array and you are unable to give the bride and groom their lifetime of memories? Without a comprehensive photographers insurance policy, you run the risk of financial ruin as the bride and groom will not be ecstatic to find out that they will never be able to see pictures of their special day.
As a wedding photographer, it is important that you realize that things can go array so that you know the proper way to handle these situations. Gathered are just a few incidents that may arise and ways to safeguard your business from them:

  • What if unforeseen weather conditions force you to take pictures inside? Will you be prepared? Make sure to be equipped with both liability insurance and the necessary gear to re-stage the pictures should a storm make a surprise entrance.
  • Memory card failure is always a possibility; so make sure to have multiple cards as opposed to one massive memory card. This will ensure that you are prepared and have all pictures scattered amongst multiple memory cards, just in case.

At Purves & Associates Insurance Services, we understand the unique risks associated with your line of work and will go above and beyond to protect both your investment and your clients’ investment in your services. Get a quote today!