Weddings gone wrong: the top four wedding insurance claims of 2013

The average cost of an American wedding now exceeds $25,000, as well as months, if not years, of meticulous planning and preparing for the big day.
Like any other human endeavor, however, accidents can happen and disaster sometimes strikes. Fortunately, there are companies who offer wedding insurance, so brides and grooms don’t have to face financial setback on top of their ruined vows.
Here are the four most common insurance claims resulting from matrimonial mishaps in 2013, according to Travelers:
1. Merchant issues: This happens when an entity that was contracted for a service fails to deliver. Common mix-ups include limousine drivers failing to arrive, caterers who missed the event, and reception facilities falling short of their duties.
2. Weather: Mother Nature can be quite the unwelcome guest. Forest fires, tornadoes, and thunderstorms all interrupted otherwise merry festivities in 2013.
3. Property damage: Weddings can get rowdy, and sometimes the landscaping or venue is damaged as a result.
4. Bad health: unforeseen illnesses and injuries have prevented various brides and grooms from walking down the aisle.
While insurance isn’t the first thing on most couples’ minds in anticipation of their wedding day, it should be considered at some point in the planning process.
“You wouldn’t spend $30,000 on a car and not insure it,” said Angela Thompson, author of “Unveiled: Secrets of the Wedding Industry” and a sociology professor at Texas Christian University. “Why would you spend $30,000 on a wedding and not buy wedding insurance?”